Rest & Restore

Rejuvenation Retreat

Intimate All-Inclusive Rejuvenation Retreat to Holistika in Tulum, Mexico


September 15-20, 2021

Step away from the stress of everyday life to reconnect with your soul purpose & reclaim your spark for life!


Your Journey to Happiness & Healing
Identify What's Blocking You
Release the Pain of the Past
Connect with Your Soul Purpose
Rewire Negative Thinking Into Positive Awareness
Clear the Path to Your BEST Life - Confident, Vibrant & Happy!

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Rest & Restore Rejuvenation Retreat
Tue, Sep 15
Holistika Boutique Hotel & Wellness Ctr
Sep 15, 12:00 PM – Sep 20, 12:00 PM
Holistika Boutique Hotel & Wellness Ctr, Tulum, Mexico
"The main intention of this sanctuary is to provide a safe space for healing, wellness, peace, and happiness." - Holistika Tulum Chart a course towards your own happiness & begin healing today!

Chart a Course Towards Happiness & Healing

It’s time to discover what is standing in your way. 

That nagging for something better, for something more.

What if you could identify your blockages, release the pain

of the past, and create a new future, a better future? 

Travel to Healing begins with a single step, and takes you on a journey to total rejuvenation - mind and spirit. Overcome your personal roadblocks, connect with your soul purpose, and rewire your brain for a more positive mindset. Come away from our unique retreats a changed person, as we give you the simple tools and practices to completely revolutionize your existence!

Imagine yourself living your best life,

at a level you didn’t even know was possible.

Serenity, joy, bliss, put the spark back into your life -

and learn what it really means to live it to the fullest!

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