Hailey Sonn
Personal Empowerment Guide, Retreat Host, Yoga teacher
Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor 

Hailey Sonn is your guide to Personal Empowerment and healing. A Chopra Center Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, she also teaches Yoga, and promotes happiness.


Driven by her life purpose to help others, Hailey holds national and international retreats and workshops to help others change their lives. She works with groups, individuals, and businesses.


“I love, love, love to travel to new places and have new experiences. Holding space for others’ healing is a joy. That moment of clarity, when the pain or doubt fall away, and suddenly things are seen from a new perspective. That's why I do it."

Hailey shares the knowledge and experience that changed her life, guiding others to release the past, identify and remove blocks, and tap into their highest potential. 


“I have lived a life of trauma, obstacles, resilience, and recovery. I have learned that my most difficult times can be the powerful stories of hope and possibility that help others to overcome any barrier.  There are tools so simple, they escape us, but these can absolutely revolutionize our thinking, and day-to-day enjoyment of life.”


Based in Florida, Hailey loves traveling the country and the world. She is deeply passionate about helping others reveal their own truths. By asking the right questions, she can lead others to their own self-discovery.


“Since childhood, empathy and compassion have been some of my strongest traits. But, like all humans, I have struggled with those terrible fears that plague all of us … that we’re not enough, not worthy, not loved.  THERE IS HOPE.”

In the Travel to Healing retreats and workshops, Hailey leads participants to discover their fears and the obstacles blocking them from living their best lives.

Hailey offers specific strategies and practices for removing our barriers and opening ourselves to joyful, abundant living! Book your retreat now!


Travel to Healing

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