De-stress, rejuvenate, and transform your life to be more confident, vibrant, and happy
- in 6 days!

Reset and rewire your life and connect with your soul purpose even if you’re burned out after years of trauma and stress.

Are you tired of living the everyday monotonous routine that goes in a loop, completely meaningless,

But you want to break away from that life, reconnect to your soul, and bring back the meaning and spirit of life?

Are your personal and professional roadblocks completely stressing you out,

But you want a chance to reset, rewire your life, and rejuvenate your mind for a more positive mindset?


Are you hurting from years of trauma and problems, and have that nagging craving for something more from your life,

But now, you want to start healing deeply and take a leap towards achieving your truest potential?

If you agree to any one of the above, then you need to take a step back and think.


All this time, you have prioritized others, taken care of others, been their solid pillar of support.


And now, it’s time to make YOU a priority.

To take care of yourself.

To allow yourself to reset and rejuvenate.



And that’s exactly what this magical retreat in Tulum will help you with!

Hi, I'm Hailey.


I’m a Personal Empowerment Guide, Retreat Host, Yoga Teacher and Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor.


In short, my life’s purpose is to help people like you to release the trauma of their past and guide them towards their path of healing and self-discovery.


Seeing the spark in people’s eyes in that moment of clarity, when the pain or doubt falls away, and suddenly everything is much more clear from a new and fresh perspective - that’s why I do it.

And that’s exactly why I’m giving you a chance to be a part of  these life-changing days to hit that “reset” button of life and bring back the serenity and joy of it!

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The Rest & Reset Tulum 2022 Empowerment Retreat

is an intimate, all-inclusive wellness getaway to escape from the mundane routines of every day and chart your course towards pure happiness and peaceful healing!

The Retreat will help you:


Look deep into your soul, identify what’s blocking you and slowly but firmly release the trauma to cleanse your mind.


Relax peacefully and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in the paradise that is Tulum!


Completely detach from all the noise, rest deeply and rejuvenate your body and mind to come back to your life as a transformed person.

Connect with like-minded people on their own journey of healing and find the true power of surrounding yourself with people who empower you to grow!


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Waking up to the sound of birds...
Walking through the jungle...
Having a relaxing swim in the moonlight..
And finding your inner peace!
- For 6 amazing life-changing days in the beautiful paradise of Tulum!

Let’s visualize your magical 6 days in Tulum-

Day 1

  • Arrive at Cancun Airport, and we will escort you to the beautiful Holistika Boutique Hotel & Wellness Center.

  • Take your time to get settled and cozy in your room, after which you’ll be invited to a Welcome Dinner and Social to get started on this amazing journey.

  • End the day with a mesmerizing Night Sky Walk, Welcome circle, and take ample rest, because you deserve it!

  • The day will begin with an Opening ceremony followed by a peaceful Morning meditation session which will help you identify the causes of what’s stressing you out and learn simple tools to ease it.

  • Time to immerse yourself in the Tulum paradise with a trip to Cenotes, a gorgeous cave-like swimming hole.

  • We will then have our first Empowerment session to heal your mind, followed by a slow afternoon to enjoy the beautiful property and its amenities.

  • Day 2 will end with a Fire ceremony, by the end of which, you’ll have completely detached from your everyday life and dissolved yourself into pure mindfulness.

Day 2 - Illuminate

Day 3 -

  • Have a beautiful start to the morning with a Meditation session to help you heal and frame personal practice techniques, and you will receive your own personalized mantra in a private session in a beautiful treehouse.

  • Time for our second Empowerment session to help you heal your body through learning health-conscious choices to uplift your mood.

  • Relax a little on our silent hike, take a break and then learn the tools to heal yourself in our 3rd Empowerment Session.

  • Stretch your body with a Yoga session and group meditation to feel the power of the collective.

  • Then comes the much-awaited trip to the majestic Tulum ruins, followed by some relaxed fun time at the beach.

  • You’d then experience the 4th Empowerment Session to help you connect with your soul purpose and end the beautiful day with a serene sound healing ceremony.

Day 4 -

Day 5 -

  • Your day 5 will begin with a peaceful yoga and meditation session followed by the 5th Empowerment Session to aid you with integrations and intentions.

  • Then comes the time to experience a very special activity curated just for you, followed by a heavenly moonlight swim.

  • What matters the most to me is what you take away from these magical days, and how that impacts your life moving forward.

  • So, your last day in Tulum will begin with a morning reflection session to gather everything that has impacted you in the past couple of days, and deeply introspect on it.

  • We’d then part ways with a closing ceremony, only to meet again very soon! :)

Day 6

Let's meet a few people just like you-

"I relaxed more than I thought I could! Loved it!"

"I cried! Unexpectedly. Hailey is a great instructor...thank you so much!!

"I can't express how much you helped me! Thank you. You have made a great difference in our lives."

If this is what you want to experience as well, let’s have a look again at what all you’re going to experience in these magical 6 days -

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  • Personal Empowerment & Motivational Sessions

  • Comfortable and luxurious accommodation for 5 nights 

  • Sound Healing Ceremony

  • 3 nutritious and delicious meals per day

  • Meditation Sessions to reconnect to your soul

  • Airport shuttle to and from Holistika

  • Personalized Mantra (Based on your time of birth)

  • Primordial Sound Meditation 

  • Excursion to the Mayan Ruins

  • Beach excursion 

  • Excursion to a stunning cenote swimming hole

  • Exploration into the beautiful Tulum town

  • Yoga available on-site 

  • Add Ons: Cacao Ceremony or Temazcal Sweat Lodge or Cooking Class

*Flight to Cancun is not included. A valid and up-to-date passport is required.

Let me take you on a tour of the paradise you get to be in-

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Budget Option Accommodations:

 “The Beehive” Dorm-Like Setting 

with 12 Beds, Shared Bathroom/Showers

Great for connecting with others

Early Bird Special: $1399* 


Untitled Capture1105.jpg

Deluxe Double

Semi-Private Accommodations

Dbl Queen Room: Two Beds, Private Patio, A/C, Fridge, Private Bath w/ Hot Water with Rainfall Shower. per person

Early Bird Special: $1799*




Private Room UPGRADE

King Size Deluxe Room: One Bed, Private Balcony, A/C, Fridge, Private Bath w/ Hot Water with Rainfall Shower

Early Bird Special: $2199*


Now, you have two options-

Option 1:

Decide to not take a step for yourself, take your life’s stress, keep putting others above yourselves, get burnt out constantly and repeat all of this in a loop.

Option 2:

Take a firm decision that YOU matter.

That if you make yourself a priority for once, everything around you will prosper.

Make a leap to remove all the unwanted noise, stress, and confusion - and paint a life filled with clarity, serenity, and a deeper connection with your soul.

Now, what would it COST you not to take this step for yourself?

  • You would get back into the mundane, stressful daily routine again.

  • You would feel the nagging desire to have something more from your life, no matter what you get.

  • You would feel all the stress and roadblocks piling up on your mind and see yourself complaining about it all the time, but not being able to do anything about it.

  • All of this, in the same repeated loop.

But what would it CREATE for you, if you finally decide to take care of yourself?

  • You would identify the obstacles that are blocking you and learn how to carefully remove them from your mind.

  • You would be able to let go of all the heaviness in your heart, and let yourself be free of all toxicity.

  • You would be able to reset your mind and gain perfect clarity on your soul purpose.

  • You’d be able to return back to your life, completely energized, refreshed, vibrant, and happy!


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